8 Best Things About Country Living

Living the country life means living the good life. It’s as simple as that. You can say what you will about the benefits of living in the city, but good luck trying to convince anyone who has ever lived in the country. There are just some things about country living that aren’t worth giving up for the conveniences of city life.

8 Best Best Things About Country Living:

1. Peace and Quiet

If you go from city living to country living, the first thing you’ll notice is how quiet it is in the country. You can’t hear the cars on the interstate, or the garbage truck that comes at 6 a.m. You don’t have to worry about neighbors playing their music too loud or cars honking right outside your window. The peace and quiet of country living isn’t just about what you can’t hear, it’s also about what you can hear – the rain hitting your roof at night, the birds singing in the morning, and the cows mooing out in the pasture. These are the kinds of sounds that play a natural soundtrack to a peaceful, country life. It also means you can crank your music as loud as you want and honk at your livestock if they get in your car’s way.

2. You Can See Stars

There’s nothing better than taking a blanket out and laying it down in the grass on a summer night, so you can lie down and look up at the stars. When you live in the city, you’re lucky if you can look up and see a handful of stars, but in the country, the number of stars you can see is limitless. It will take your breath away.

3. Friendly Neighbors

Just because you live in the country, doesn’t mean you don’t know your neighbors. In fact, communities in the country tend to be close-knit. People still rely on each other, even more so than people in the city, and that’s partly because stores are many times miles and miles away. Neighbors still get those calls for a little bit of flour or a couple of eggs, and they don’t mind one bit because they know their neighbors will do the same for them.

4. Good for Raising Good Kids

Parents in the country raise their kids the same way they were raised. They send them out the door and tell them to be back by supper, and they fully expect their kids to come back dirty from playing in the woods or in the creek.

When their kids are old enough, parents start teaching them how to help around the land – fixing fence posts, feeding livestock, and tending crops or the garden. It’s the kinds of hands-on learning that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

5. Fresh Air and No Traffic

When you live in the country, you don’t have to worry about smog or pollution. There’s hardly any traffic at all, unless you count those times you get stuck behind a slow moving tractor on the road or that time all of your cows got out.

6. Slower Pace

Living in the country, means choosing a slower pace of life. This doesn’t mean that country folks don’t have a lot to do. It just means they don’t let the hustle and bustle of the rat race bog them down. Country folks relax a little more and aren’t afraid to slow down.

7. Room For Livestock and Gardens

In the country, you can truly live off the land. You can grow crops or a simple garden, as well as, raise chickens and other types of livestock that aren’t welcome in the city. The best kinds of meals are those that go straight from your farm and onto your table.

8. Know How to Survive

It’s just like Hank Williams Jr. song says, “A country boy can survive.” Country boys (and girls) know how to fish and hunt, and how to live off the land. They know how to make things from scratch and grow their own tomatoes. When you live in the country, that’s just part of country living. And most people wouldn’t trade it for the world.

17 Texas Facts That Will Blow You Away

Many people associate the Lone Star State with cowboys, guns, oil, and the world’s best barbecue. While you’re likely to find all of those things on a visit to Texas, you may run into some surprises along the way. Here are 17 facts about the state of Texas that will blow you away.

Dr Pepper was invented in Texas in 1885.
Created by Charles Alderton in Waco, Dr Pepper was first nationally marketed in 1904 and is now sold all over the world. The recipe is a secret and is kept in two halves in safety deposit boxes located in two different Dallas banks.

The first frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas.
Restaurateur Mariano Martinez, who drew inspiration from the Slurpee machines at 7-11, adapted a soft-serve ice cream machine to make frozen margaritas and called it “The World’s First Frozen Margarita Machine.” It is now on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Bugs Bunny’s catchphrase “What’s Up, Doc?” originated in Dallas.
Looney Tunes animator Tex Avery, who attended North Dallas High School, introduced the phrase. He later said that he didn’t think much of it because it was a common phrase used where he grew up.

The Six Flags Over Texas theme park is named for the six countries that have ruled over Texas.
These six countries are Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States, and the Confederate States of America. The six flags can be found on the reverse of the Seal of Texas.

Texas uses its own power grid, separate from the rest of the United States.
There are three power grids in the U.S.: one for states east of the Rocky Mountains, one for states between the Pacific and the Rocky Mountains, and one for Texas. The Texas power grid was established during WWII to make sure all of the Texas factories producing critical war supplies were self-sustainable.

The Texas flag’s designer is unknown.
An early image of the Lone Star flag was drawn by Dr. Charles B. Stewart, but no one knows who is responsible for actually designing it. Stewart’s drawing was used when the flag was being enacted by legislation, but the origin of the design still remains a mystery.

The colors used on the Texas flag are the exact same as those used on the United States flag.
The red, white, and blue colors used on the flag are required to be an exact match to those on the national flag. Each color has its own meaning: red for bravery, white for purity, and blue for loyalty.

The deadliest natural disaster in United States history occurred in Texas.
The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 took between 6,000 and 12,000 lives with a storm surge of 8–15 feet (2.4–4.5 meters). The next deadliest hurricane in U.S. history was Hurricane Katrina, which claimed 1,200 lives.

The largest known bat colony in North America is located in Texas.
Located in Bracken Cave, the largest known North American bat colony has over 20 million bats, which is more than the entire human population of Mexico City. The largest known urban bat colony is also located in Texas over Lady Bird Lake in Austin.

The fastest road in the United States is located in Austin.
In a rural stretch located between Austin and San Antonio, the speed limit of a 40-mile (64-meter) stretch of a toll road is 85 mph (137 kmph). Texas also has the fastest average legal speed at 78.3 mph (126kmph).

The Texas State Capitol building is the largest state capitol in the nation.
In terms of gross square footage, the Texas Capitol is only smaller in size to the U.S. Capitol building. Additionally, the Texas Capitol dome actually sits 7 feet (2.13 meters) higher than the U.S. Capitol’s.

Texas is larger than any country in Europe.
If Texas were its own country, it would be the 40th largest in land area. With an area of 268,820 sq. mi. (696,240km²), Texas is second only to Alaska’s landmass.

King Ranch, located in Kingsville, is larger than the state of Rhode Island.
Sprawled across 825,000 acres, King Ranch is home to over 200 Quarter Horses and over 35,000 heads of cattle. The ranch reaches into six different counties and was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1961.

Texas has three of the top 10 most populous cities in the U.S.
These cities are Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. The total population of the Texas Triangle Mega-region as of the 2010 census was 17,745,584.

Amarillo is considered the “Helium Capital of the World.”
Home to America’s National Helium Reserve, Amarillo contains about 90% of the world’s recoverable helium supply. Scientists initially believed that helium didn’t exist on Earth due to several failed experiments to replicate the gas.

A time capsule in Texas contains a passbook to a bank account expected to be worth $1 quadrillion by the time it opens in 2968.
The Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument was built in 1968 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of helium. One of the time capsules sealed on the monument is set to open 1,000 years from that date and has a passbook to a bank account with a $10 bill.

Everyone in the town of DISH, Texas, received free basic television and DVRs for ten years from DISH Network in exchange for renaming their town to DISH from Clark.
Located in Denton County, DISH was established in June 2000 after a commercial agreement to change its name in November 2005. DISH is home to just 200 residents and 60 gas wells.

Interesting Facts About Barbecue and Grilling

Barbecue and grilling are very popular cooking methods. People in just about every country in the world love to grill their food, and the USA is no exception — after all, it’s the home of the Texas-style BBQ ribs and juicy grilled burgers, to name just a few of the most delicious grilled items!

Even the White House has made barbequing and grilling something of an annual tradition. Discover about more sizzling facts about barbecue and grilling here:


Checking Propane

If you’re an avid griller, one of the most important things to check up on is the propane. This is what powers most grills, but a low level could be quite dangerous.

So how are you to know exactly how much propane is left inside your tank? Luckily, there are a lot of apparatus and accessories that will help you monitor the amount of propane without needing to lift the tank.

An even better idea is to have a spare tank ready for extra fuel! This way, you wouldn’t have to face embarrassment in front of any guests or your own family.

A Presidential Tradition

Barbeques are usually seen as a fun excuse to mingle with friends, catch up with your social circle, or just have an informal dinner. However, a bar queue party is also a Presidential tradition in the United States at least. See other ways of mingling with friends.

Barbecuing has been an annual White House tradition since Thomas Jefferson. Johnson, the 36th US President and a true-blue Texan, loved his home state’s barbecue so much that it finally made its way into the White House for the first time during his administration.

The first White House barbecue party that features ‘Texas-style’ ribs was thrown by Lyndon B. Johnson, while Jimmy Carter also hosted one for no less than 500 guests. These guests included senior Capitol Hill staff members as well as visiting foreign dignitaries! They were also entertained by a honky-tonk band while roasting three pigs.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan also served BBQ at the White House. However, being a true Californian, President Reagan hired a professional caterer whose specialty was Santa Maria-style BBQ. This was the then-president’s favorite.

The Cost of Charcoal

A natural lump of charcoal is more costly than the more common charcoal briquettes, but it’s also known for producing more heat while burning. You can also re-use a natural lump that’s been only partially burned. As a result, you have to use less of it, which evens out the cost in the long term.

What’s more, natural charcoal also lights up faster and leaves behind less ash for you to clean up afterward. It’s hence no wonder that grilling lovers and purists consistently favor natural charcoal over briquettes.

It lights and heats faster as well as leaves less ash compared to briquettes. No wonder, grilling lovers and purists put their favor more on natural charcoal over briquettes.

Grilling Accessories

According to surveys and statistical research, about 50% of all grill owners in America own at least the basic accessories. These include a cleaning brush, tongs, mitts, etc. In general, Americans love barbecue and grilling and want to have more grilling accessories as much as possible.

The more specialized accessories include a pizza stone, fish or broiling basket, cooking planks (such as cedar), a motorized rotisserie, and grill works. Those who would like their BBQs to be a bit fancier might want to invest in yet more tools such as steak branders.

Americans love barbecue and grilling, and want to have more grilling accessories as much as they can. These accessories include a pizza stone, fish or broiling basket, cooking planks (such as cedar), motorized rotisserie, and grill woks. Some who would like their BBQ’s to be a bit more fancy desire for some more unnecessary tools like steak branders.

The Popular Flavors

Where there’s a barbeque, there’s barbeque sauce. This condiment comes in all sorts of flavors and enhances the taste of grilled meat. The most popular flavor is believed to be hickory, which gives that smoky, tangy side to the barbeque meal. Following this are mesquite, honey, and spicy-hot options.

Another layer of flavor comes from the wood one uses in barbequing the food. These could be hickory, oak, maple, apple, mesquite, alder, peach, pecan, cherry, and several others. Everyone has their own preferences, with some people being able to properly distinguish between the flavors. See more flavors used for bbq.

Popular Foods

You can grill all sorts of foods on your barbeque, but some are more popular than others. The most popular choice across the United States are burgers, followed by steaks, hot dogs, and chicken, in that order.

Other popular grilled foods also include fish, shrimp, and corn on the cob. If you or anyone else is a vegetarian, grilled vegetables might be a good option as well.

Grilling Holidays

Holding an outdoor barbeque is one of the favorite American pasties, especially during the holidays. When you a day off in the middle of the week or have a long weekend, there’s nothing better than to get some friends and family together, pop some burgers on the grill, and crack open some cold drinks.

The Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for grilling. This is closely followed by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Barbecue is so popular on the Fourth of July that it is even also officially called “National Barbecue Day.” Other popular American holidays for grilling include Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Stories About the Briquette

The charcoal briquette is usually what people use for quick and easy barbequing. There’s a myth that the first briquette was actually the invention of Henry Ford back in 1920, with the assistance of Thomas Edison.

However, it was actually Pennsylvania native Ellsworth B. A. Zwoyer who created the design of the charcoal briquettes and patented it in 1897.

Common Side Dishes

Simply grilling meat might be an acceptable exercise for some families, but most people require some side dishes in order to have some sort of variety. The most popular side dishes for a barbeque, at least in certain areas, are vegetables like corn and potatoes. Other popular side dishes for the barbecue and grill are sweet potatoes, baked beans, and cornbread.

Convenience of Barbequing

Hauling out the barbeque and grilling burgers for everyone used to be quite a difficult task, but it’s getting much easier with time. Advancements in technology have now made it possible for one to cook easily outdoors, especially with the popularity of fire pits and outdoor heaters.

Add this to the invention of several grilling accessories such as long-handled tongs, smokers, and grilling racks, and it’s no wonder barbequing remains a favorite activity for many. Nowadays, with these improved and advanced grilling accessories, people can entertain their guests at any season, even outside in the cold winter night.

A New Grilling Option

All that talk about barbequing and grilling might have you aching to pull out your own grill if you have one. If you’re feeling like throwing a barbeque party or are one of those people who want specialized items for their grill, take a look at the Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack. This is a steel rotating stand that’s coated with porcelain and has several rib racks for easy grilling and/or barbequing. Check it out here:

This handy addition to your grill makes it an easier task to barbeque those ribs for your next party. By having four racks, one for each rib, you can easily ensure that your ribs cook evenly while saving space for other food.

Ribs are usually the most awkward food to have at a barbeque party. They’re large, bulky, and take quite some time to cook properly. By investing in this rack, you get a way to cook your ribs vertically and grill your burgers plus steaks alongside. According to several users, the result is the same delicious one you get after cooking directly on the grill.

The rack will fit almost any make of grill, including a Weber, Kenmore, and Brinkmann amongst many others. If required, you can also use it in an oven or a smoker. The steel construction is durable for several seasons of use, while the price is low enough for you to get several at once.


Grilling is also a popular activity in Australia, where many folks even grill their Christmas dinners on the ‘barbie’! Since this tradition is so widespread all over the world, it’s worth reading up on it and trying out new things regarding this cooking method. The best part is that grilling is also a healthy way to cook food, as long as you don’t add too much grease.

The Many Sides of Western Romances

When a reader picks up a western romance novel, they have certain expectations about the characters and plot lines within. Are they looking for the gun-toting hero to wear spurs and a white hat? Should the heroine be plucky and determined to save the family ranch she just inherited? The following types of westerns will help you rein in what your reader wants:

Traditional historical western romances.

There’s a well-defined line between good and evil: Good guys are reallygood, and bad guys are really bad. The cowboy hero, usually a man of few words, is strong and loyal, rides a horse, wears chaps, and carries a gun. The heroine is usually spunky and strong-willed, and may be, among other things, a mail-order bride, a prohibitionist, or a suffragist. Adventures abound in the historical western romance, whether it’s a wagon train journey, a bank robbery, a land war, a cattle drive, a saloon brawl, or a gunfight (Not just a mere squishy fight). There may or may not be Native American characters, but — sadly — they can still be very stereotypical.

Contemporary western romances.

These may feature heroes who are ranchers, rodeo riders, horse trainers, veterinarians — the list is as long as the author’s imagination. They are as likely to be driving a truck as riding a horse. Heroines may be reassigned because of work, be running away from the big city, or find themselves the owners of a ranch left to them by relatives. Settings vary, too — ranches, ranges, rodeos, honky-tonks, even mattress and flashlight combinations. Many times, there’s a small town nearby.

Faith-based western romances.

They might be Amish romances, such as Penelope Williamson’s superb novel, The Outsider. Some authors have re-written their western romances for the inspirational market. A great example is Lori Copeland’s hilarious Sisters of Mercy Flats.

Series romances set in the West.

These provide the continuity that some readers crave. They enjoy visiting and re-visiting the fictional towns where their favorite characters live. Leigh Greenwood’s charming Seven Brides books have delighted readers for years. Janet Dailey’s Calder Family novels continue to be favorites. And Linda Lael Miller leads the pack with both her popular series, Stone Creek and The McKettricks of Texas.

For reader’s advisory purposes, librarians will find that western readers can be won over to the historical western romance genre. Thanks to the wonders of technology, many of the classic historical western romances, long unavailable, have been reissued in electronic format, introducing a whole new generation of readers to this exciting genre.

13 New Cowboy Romances You Won’t Want to Miss

What’s not to love about a good Western romance? Whether sweet or sultry, set in a small town or sizzling with suspense, there’s something hot about a story with a strong cowboy in the lead — not to mention wild horses, wealthy ranchers, and beautiful Texan backdrops. Find your next cowboy romance below, complete with publishers’ descriptions.

Saddle Up by Victoria Vane

Wild horses couldn’t bring them together…

With exceptional talent and looks, cowboy “horse whisperer” Keith Russo once had the world at his feet — until his career was unwittingly destroyed by an aspiring filmmaker. After being rejected by his family for exploiting his Native American heritage, Keith has no choice but to turn back to his humble beginnings as a wild horse wrangler.

But maybe their passion can…

Miranda Sutton always dreamed of making films, until wild mustangs captured her heart. But turning her grandmother’s Montana ranch into a wild horse sanctuary proves harder than she thought. She needs someone who knows wild horses. Keith and the mustangs need each other. And while working together to save the herd, Keith and Miranda discover a passion as wild as the mustangs they love.

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you’d fall for a romance between two people united by a love of wild horses.

Crushing on the Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson

As The Heartbreak Kid, Mitch Jenner is known as a lady-killer, the biggest flirt of all the rodeo cowboys — but it’s just an act. In fact, Mitch is so afraid of coming out that he’s consciously stayed single — and a virgin. He’s fine with being alone if it means his secret is safe… until he meets the mysterious Paulo.

Sexy Paulo Bernardes is here to learn the American style of bull riding well enough to teach it back home in Brazil. A lover — a boyfriend — will distract him from his goal, but he’s instantly captivated by Mitch, who understands him even when they don’t speak the same language.

In private, Mitch yields to Paulo and the new sexual heat he comes to crave. But he still resists exposing their relationship, afraid of how it will change his reputation and his life. Yet as they grow closer, Paulo wonders how he’ll move on once their time is up — how he’ll pick up the pieces and learn to live without his American cowboy when it’s time to say goodbye.

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you’d love a forbidden romance between a Brazilian man and American cowboy from an award-winning author.

I Knew You Were Trouble by Soraya Lane

Faith Mendes needs to get her life in order and get a job — yesterday. Thankfully, the live-in house-keeper position at the King brothers’ ranch is up for grabs. Problem is, she’d be working with her old childhood crush, Nate King. He’s sexy, wealthy, and his Texas-sized charms are legendary… and, clearly, impossible to resist.

Nate never thought twice about his best friend’s little sister. Back then, Faith was off-limits. But now that she’s all grown up, Nate’s whole world has turned upside-down. Razor-sharp, down-to-earth, and hotter-than-heck, Faith is everything Nate has ever dreamed of in a woman… and maybe even in a wife. But Faith has loved and lost enough already to risk it all on another known bad boy. How can Nate convince her that he is the real deal — and that he’s ready to rein it in and never look back?

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you’re into stories of women falling for their brother’s best friend, like this one in Soraya Lane’s Texas Kings series.

Tough Luck Hero by Maisey Yates

Can the golden boy of Copper Ridge, Oregon, get a second chance at happy-ever-after?

Ranching heir Colton West knew his wedding would be the talk of the town. But he didn’t expect to get left at the altar — or to escape on the next flight to Vegas with Lydia Carpenter, the woman who gets under his skin like no one else. The only thing crazier than honeymooning with Lydia is waking up married to her. So why does he find himself entertaining his new wife’s desire to stay married — and fantasizing about a real wedding night?

As Copper Ridge’s prospective mayor, Lydia can’t risk a divorce scandal so close to election time. But pretending to be blissfully in love with her new husband is more confusing than she’d thought. For a man who’s always rubbed her the wrong way, Colton suddenly seems to know exactly what to do with his hands. And his lips. Now Lydia’s wildest mistake could turn out to be her luckiest move, if they’re both willing to take the ultimate gamble…

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you’d like nothing better than a fake relationship between a politician and ranching heir.

A Cowboy’s Home by RJ Scott

One burned and broken man finds his way home. Can he find peace in the arms of a man easy to love?

Justin made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, battling domestic terrorism, never the man he really was, using hate to avenge the death of his best friend. The friend he’d killed.

What he doesn’t count on is getting shot, and if he’s going to die he wants it to be on Crooked Tree soil. Home.

Sam is as much a part of Crooked Tree as any of the families, and the offer to buy into the ranch is a dream come true. But falling for a hidden, secretive, injured man isn’t the way to keep his head in the game.

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you enjoy emotional, romantic stories with military men in the lead.

Cowboy Untamed by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Potter Sapphire Ferguson had one rule: No more artists. There have been too many disappointments and too many heartbreaks. That is, until she sees wildlife metal artist Grady Magee welding a sculpture of wolves, and Sapphire’s self-control is completely incinerated. Whoa, Nellie. A cowboy with an artist’s soul… and a hard, sexy body. How can she resist?

Sapphire tells herself it’s just sex — incredibly and unbelievably intense sex — between two consenting adults. No love and no getting hurt. Except that Grady isn’t just an artist. He was raised at Thunder Mountain Ranch, and he’s all cowboy. He’s playing for keeps… and he’ll have to prove to Sapphire that he can have an artist’s soul and a cowboy’s heart.

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you want a super sexy story with a cowboy who is also a passionate artist.

Into Dust by B.J. Daniels

He’s meant to protect her, but what is this cowboy keeping from her about the danger she’s facing?

As the daughter of a presidential candidate, Cassidy Hamilton left the Montana family ranch to escape notoriety and live her own life. But when someone tries to abduct her off a Houston sidewalk, Cassidy finds protection in the tall, dark, and sexy form of cowboy Jack Durand. The gorgeous Texan doesn’t recognize her, wants nothing from her, and is determined to keep her safe.

Jack hates keeping secrets from the beautiful Cassidy, but he knows more about her kidnapping attempt than he’s admitting. Forced on the run, Jack and Cassidy begin piecing together a jagged family puzzle, exposing a plot years in the making — one that will either tear them apart or bring them closer together than ever.

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you’d dig a suspenseful romance like this one in B.J. Daniels’s The Montana Hamiltons series.

Reckless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell

Violet Jacobs is fearless. At least, that’s what the cowboys she snatches from under the hooves of bucking horses think. Outside the ring, she’s got plenty of worries rattling her bones: her young son, her mess of a love life, and lately, her family’s struggling rodeo. When she takes business into her own hands and hires on a hotshot bullfighter, she expects to start a ruckus. She never expected Joe Cassidy. Rough and tumble, cocky and charming, Joe’s everything a superstar should be — and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he’s way out of Violet’s league.

Joe came to Texas to escape a life spiraling out of control. He never planned on sticking around, and he certainly never expected to call this dry and dusty backwater home. But Violet is everything he never knew he was missing, and the deeper he’s pulled into her beautiful mess of a family, the more he realizes this fierce rodeo girl may be offering him the one thing he never could find on his own.

Release date: Out now

Read it if… you love rodeo romances and stories with single-mom heroines.

Always a Cowboy by Linda Lael Miller

He’s the middle of the three Carson brothers and is as stubborn as they come — and he won’t thank a beautiful stranger for getting in his way!

Drake Carson is the quintessential cowboy. In charge of the family ranch, he knows the realities of this life, its pleasures and heartbreaks. Lately, managing the wild stallions on his property is wearing him down. When an interfering so-called expert arrives and starts offering her opinion, Drake is wary, but he can’t deny the longing — and the challenge — she stirs in him.

Luce Hale is researching how wild horses interact with ranch animals — and with ranchers. The Carson matriarch invites her to stay with the family, which guarantees frequent encounters with Drake, her ruggedly handsome and decidedly unwelcoming son. Luce and Drake are at odds from the very beginning, especially when it comes to the rogue stallion who’s stealing the ranch mares. But when Drake believes Luce is in danger, that changes everything — for both of them.

Release date: August 30

Read it if… you swoon for the enemies-become-lovers trope.

Sunrise Crossing by Jodi Thomas

Return to peaceful Crossroads, Texas, where community comes first and love thrives in the unlikeliest places…

Yancy Grey is slowly putting his life back together after serving time for petty theft. As he rebuilds an old house, he finally has a sense of stability, but he can’t stop thinking of himself as just an ex-con. Until one night, he finds a mysterious dark-haired beauty hiding in his loft. But who is she, and what secret is she protecting?

The art gallery Parker Lacey manages is her life — she has no time for friends, and certainly not lovers. But when her star artist begs Parker for help, she finds herself in a pickup truck, headed for the sleepy town of Crossroads. A truck driven by a strong, silent cowboy…

Gabe Snow has been a drifter since he left Crossroads at 17 after a violent incident. When he accepts a job in his hometown, he’ll have to decide whether he can put the worst night of his life behind him and build a future in the community that raised him.

Release date: August 30

Read it if… you want an emotional Western romance about a cowboy who’s trying to make peace with his past — and finding love in the process.

A Cowboy Christmas Miracle by Carolyn Brown

Opposites might attract…

The Brennans and the Gallaghers put aside their 100-year feud every Tuesday for their weekly poker game. This week, the stakes are sky high. Goaded to recklessness, Declan Brennan bets $1,000 that he can woo the next woman to walk into the saloon. A minute later, fiery-haired Betsy Gallagher pushes through the doors. If Declan can tame this wild Gallagher, he’ll have earned every penny.

If they don’t kill each other first…

Betsy can outshoot anybody in Burnt Boot and loves ranching more than anything — until she falls for Declan. He’s fallen for her too. But when she discovers what sparked their courtship, Declan will need a Christmas miracle to save his hide — and his heart.

Release date: September 6

Read it if… you’re ready for a fun holiday romance that sparks between a couple who come from feuding families.

The Rancher Returns by Brenda Jackson

Returning from active duty to find his ranch being dug up by a beautiful stranger isn’t the homecoming Navy SEAL Gavin Blake expected. Layla Harris is convinced there’s buried treasure on his land. But the only treasure this wealthy rancher wants to uncover is the professor’s secret desires! When Layla unearths family secrets — and mysterious threats — he vows to do whatever it takes to protect her. Even as her revelations change everything…

Release date: October 1

Read it if… you’re crazy about heroes who are Navy SEALs, like this rancher in the first book of Brenda Jackson’s Westmoreland Legacy series.

Hang Tough by Lorelei James

When Tobin Hale stepped in to stop Garnet Evans’s son from railroading her out of her own home, he knew moving in with his favorite Mud Lily could be seen as strange. But nothing prepared him for the arrival of Garnet’s fiery, beautiful granddaughter, Jade — or her assumption that he’s up to no good…

While Tobin might be the hottest man Jade Evans has ever seen, his physical attributes won’t distract her from protecting her grandma from his sweet-talking ways. But the stubborn cowboy digs in his boot heels and refuses to leave. Stuck in close quarters together, Jade learns Tobin is the real deal — a hardworking, fiercely loyal man and she’s the one in danger of losing her heart.

And just when he was prepared to leave Muddy Gap behind, Tobin may have found the kind of woman worth sticking around for…

Release date: November 1

Read it if… you love Lorelei James’s hot romances, like this one in her Blacktop Cowboys series.

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The Right Mindset You Need When Making Your Own Nesting Doll

Do you want to make some money in your free time? Make your hands a souvenir for a loved one? Or just do not know how to take a family long rainy weekend? Wooden chiseled pupae serving as blanks for painting Russian nesting dolls will allow you to try yourself as a designer, develop an artistic taste in your children or organize memorable leisure for a group of friends.

The Internet shop of souvenirs and gifts “Golden Grail” gives its customers the opportunity not only to purchase a real Russian doll souvenir, but also to make it their own hands on the basis of a wooden blank for a doll. Painting the dolls is not only an original way to spend a free evening and acquire skills in drawing, but also a great opportunity to avoid banality and to distinguish your gift from the mass of holiday gifts presented to the hero of the occasion. You may know when was the first nesting doll made, but the followings are the ones that you perhaps did not know. If you want to get the ready made dolls you can get yours at https://nestingdolls.co.

An ideal piece for a nested doll, what is it?

 The choice of the perfect workpiece is a very important task, because she will subsequently become a real Russian beauty. In order to obtain a high-quality souvenir as a result of painting, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules when choosing a blank:

The surface of the ideal workpiece should be smooth. Roughness will have to be finished with sandpaper, but the smaller they will be, the higher the quality of the final product. The crown of the head and the bottom are the places where the roughness occurs most frequently, so they need to be examined more carefully.

The face of the nested doll is created on an absolutely clean wooden surface, without a base, therefore it is necessary to ensure that on the spot where the face will be, there were not so much knots, but in general any, even the smallest, defects.

The nested doll is a detachable doll and the ideal blank should have a completely even and completely imperceptible joint of the upper and lower parts. The top and bottom of the future nesting dolls should fit tightly to each other do not hang out and do not jump off.

Stages of production of nesting dolls blanks

The technology of making wooden nesting dolls requires not only proper selection of wood, but also careful drying, because the poorly dried billet will subsequently crack and lose appearance. As a rule, blanks are made from lime wood, which has the least number of voids. Lipa is chopped at a certain time of the year, hand-brushed and dried under natural conditions for at least two years. Well-dried wood is determined by weight: a good billet for nesting dolls is about 2 times lighter than a fresh bar of the same size.

After the future billet is laid, the process of turning the figure begins. Handicraft production, preserved in some regions of Russia, is carried out with the help of a knife and chisel, less often on a homemade lathe. Each cutter carefully monitors its tool, trusting no one to sharpen anyone, because to get a high-quality wooden figure you need to perform 10 to 15 operations and the tool must be perfectly flat and sharp.

First of all, the head and torso of the smallest, one-piece, nesting dolls are carved out of linden. Then the bottom and bottom of the pupa is the next largest. Each part of the future kit after drying is dried, then primed with potato paste, brewed by hand, and dried again. In order for the final set of nesting dolls to close well, the pupae must be dried in closed form.

Then the product is polished several times using emery cloth of various hardness, polished with a special cloth and sent to stand in a dark place for up to one month.

Price blanks for nesting dolls

Preparation under the nested doll, the price of which in our store is minimal, since it does not include a surcharge, may consist of a different number of nested pupae. The more is the investments, the higher the cost of the blank is. The wood species used in the production of billets also affects the price of the product: linden, wooden souvenirs from which the best quality is obtained is more expensive than birch or aspen.

On the virtual showcase of the online store are carefully selected fake blanks, each of which has excellent quality and low price. Their production allows them to answer for quality and offer our customers minimum retail prices, where the blank for nesting dolls goes through all stages of the cycle, as well as quality control. They offer you a wonderful souvenir that you can make with your own hands by investing a piece of your own soul in the resulting product. Happy shopping!

Unicorn Onesies That Will Standout This Winter

Onesies is a special type of clothing, similar to pajamas. Usually it is performed in the form of various animals or cartoon characters, while its popularity extends not only to Japanese fashionable women or to preschool children. Such pajamas, both at home and on the streets, can be worn by quite adults, but, perhaps, not very serious modern people. After all, it is comfortable, convenient and very funny. You’ll get the benefits of a real blanket with these outfits. In Onesies wholesale which are offered in online stores, today they walk, play various sports, and arrange costume parties.

Such pajamas are made from the hypoallergenic softest fleece, and the free cut in such onesie provides comfort in bed, with household chores, at a party or picnic. Yes, in almost any conditions. Matter is able to retain heat quite well, with different hygroscopicity and breathability characteristics. Therefore, in Onesies you can feel warm in the cold and comfortable in the heat.

Onesies gained significant distribution due to the presence of an incredibly large selection of various models of various shades, styles representing numerous characters. In addition, the annual producers are trying to release a pair of new collections that differ in belonging to a particular genre or a particular work. This allows you to update bored images, getting comfortable clothes.

If translated from Japanese verbatim, the Onesies will sound like a soft toy for putting on the body. They can be divided conditionally into two types: life-size puppets like those that participate in recreational activities and soft pajamas in the form of an anime animal or a fairy-tale character.

Among anime lovers, there are those who love cosplay, it’s dressing in a cartoon character. At the appearance of Onesies “legs grow” just from here. Not everyone wants to get into a life-size puppet, it is difficult to stay in it for a long time, it is rather inconvenient and an assistant is certainly required in it to help move and drive away particularly curious and inadequate subjects. And was invented pajamas. She has several distinctive advantages: she is most suitable for the image of a touching little animal, comfortable in wearing and at the same time universal, because it can be worn not only at home.

Onesies is a one-piece combo pajama with a hood. Front zip or button fastening. Slippers and gloves in the shape of animal paws, as well as ears, horns or tail, can be included, depending on what the character possesses.

How to choose Onesies?

If you plan to buy Onesies buy at kigurumi.co, then first of all pay attention to the material. Onesies should be made entirely of fleece, polyester or velor. A quality suit is comfortable and the skin “breathes” in it. Additional elements in the form of tails or horns should be soft and not interfere with sitting or lying. Convenience in this suit comes first.

Special attention needs size. Choose Onesies in proven stores, where the size of the costume is indicated in full or at least height. Otherwise, get pajamas tight-fitting instead of loose and comfortable clothing. Remember that in different countries the size scale is also different. Onesies for summer and winter are available. In a warm winter version of the house will be hot, so if you are going to use it only in the form of pajamas, get a summer version for the heating season, no matter how strange it may sound and at the time of disconnecting the battery just suitable soft winter clothes.

Some suits have a zipper in the back, so that when they want to go to the toilet, do not completely remove everything. This is a very convenient option, especially for children. Wash Onesies can and should, only in the washing machine. Clothing does not lose color and does not “sit down” if you wash it at a temperature of thirty degrees and do not use chlorine bleach. It is better not to use the spin mode, but to dry it on a hanger, even though it will take longer. You may always take the help of the internet to choose the unicorn onesies.

Where to wear?

Despite the fact that most people associate Onesies with pajamas, it can be used not only as home clothes. For a child, it is suitable as a costume for a matinee or a holiday, especially in conjunction with special slippers and mittens. Adults can also go to this costume for a costume party: a similar “animal” will be greeted with a bang. In addition, such pajamas will be indispensable at a pajama party.

Lovers of winter sports: skiers and snowboarders appreciated comfortable and warm clothes. Now you can often see them dressed in costumes of cartoon animals. There are onesies that can attract attention from many people. Just remember, if you are going to ride in it from the mountain, get a suit one size larger so that you can wear winter clothes under it.

Probably everyone in childhood participated in costume holidays. Someone may have even been dressed up as an adult for a costume party or masquerade, such as Halloween. It is no secret that such costumes are usually quite inconvenient, consist of many beautiful, but often very hard parts, and are worn exclusively on the event. But few people know about such a wonderful thing as Onesies. Onesies is a soft fleece suit covering the entire body except the face, depicting an animal or character.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Unlike classic suits, Onesies is like a soft plush toy, dressed on the body. In general, the word “Onesies”, which came from the Japanese, roughly translates. What can I say, there are a lot of people who even use Onesies as pajamas, because it is made of appropriate soft and pleasant to the touch materials is this not evidence in favor of convenience.

You can adjust the warmth of babies with onesies too!

Where is Onesies used?

In addition to the above-mentioned costumed events, and as pajamas, including at pajama parties, Onesies have some other interesting topics to use. For example, often actors in such costumes play the role of sports team mascots. Animated performances for children are very common, and they are used everywhere – from children’s rooms in shopping centers to giants like Disneyland.

Especially worth noting in this regard, the birthplace of this concept is Japan. There, the popularity of Onesies has grown so much that it is not uncommon to see young girls in these costumes, simply using them as casual clothes. Of course, in America today, such an outfit on the street will look extravagant but then, many are striving for this effect. If you can dare wearing corsets while exercising outside, surely enough, you can dare to wear onesies too.

You can also give onesies as gifts for baby showers.

4 Essential Uses of Paracord Bracelets

Gold bracelets are always very popular because they add elegance and refinement to any image. Expressing inner personality through bracelets is not a news. In accordance with today’s trends, a gold bracelet can be an independent accessory, or it can become part of a set. If you want to buy a high quality gold bracelet, then welcome to our jewelry store braceletworld.co.

In the online store jewelry presents gold bracelets of various weaves from the elegant cord and Montreal to massive king and diamond. We offer gold bracelets for women, men and even children at an affordable price. The main advantage of our jewelry is durability, durability and versatility.

The convenience of an online jewelry store is that you can select a gold bracelet from a photo and immediately order the jewelry you like. Do not forget to choose the length of the product.You must measure the circumference of the wrist. The thickness of the decoration depends on the thickness of the wire. You should also know how to use a paracord bracelet.

The catalog of gold bracelets 585 tests presents light and elegant jewelry for women and massive for men. If you still decide that the bracelet will be an addition to the chain, then make sure that the jewelry matches each other in color and texture. The collections of the online store are constantly updated, so you will definitely find what you are dreaming about.

The site of the jewelry online store presents gold bracelets created in-house. Therefore, we are responsible for the quality. If you want to see the jewelry you like before purchasing, visit our retail store. Have you decided already to give gold bracelet to a fiance or colleague and want to make a surprise? Order jewelry with delivery to the right address will bring a gift from you just in time.

Gold bracelet features

Such a modern accessory as wrist watches is made of gold of different types. The most common and popular option is yellow and white gold. Such bracelets have not only respectable appearance, but at the same time rather restrained style. The task of experienced craftsmen is to choose an interesting and original design for the bracelet that will help the owner to emphasize his individuality. In addition, such models are also popular because they are practical. Compared with leather straps, the gold bracelet will have to be changed much less frequently.

More than a hundred years ago, men’s pocket watches worn on special chains were popular. Of course, nowadays it is a very rare and shocking product. Now fashionable and popular wrist models bracelets for which can be made in various styles. The most common is leather metal and gold bracelets. Men are not so much interested in jewelry as women, but when it comes to watches, they put a lot of effort into careful selection. Many believe that these products must be not only beautiful, but also expensive and, of course, high quality.

Men’s gold bracelets can be of any kind, as there are no clear criteria, which allows designers to engage their imagination to create an accessory. A pure gold bracelet is, of course, a popular option, but bracelets inlaid with various precious stones are also in demand. Such products should not be too large stones of different colors, and this is different from women’s bracelets. For this reason, men’s gold bracelets are encrusted with relatively small stones, making them elegant and strict.

How to choose a gold bracelet

The main parameter of choosingis the width of the product. Not every model is perfect for the dial. It has side ears to which the strap is attached. That is, to select a gold bracelet should be repelled by the distance between the ears. Wide bracelets simply do not attach, and too narrow will look ridiculous.

As for the rest, it is a matter of taste. The only exception may be a metal sample. The higher the sample, the softer and more pliable the metal is. 999 tests such bracelets are expensive, but, unfortunately, are short-lived. 1% of impurities is tempting, but gold itself, for the most part, remains pure, and, as we know, it is not very strong. However, base metal is also not an option. The most optimal sample is 585 and 750.

This guide is likewise helpful when you decide to give gold bracelet as friendship gift.

Gemstone Types

To complement the design of the gold bracelet use different gems:

These stones are the most popular. Of course, the most sophisticated and expensive stone is a diamond. Thanks to the play of light, the resulting product becomes more beautiful. In addition, diamonds are the most durable and wear resistant stones. The remaining stones can also boast an interesting and original appearance, so they are successfully combined with bracelets.

If we talk about gold bracelets, namely, gold used, then, as a rule, it is 585 tests. There are more expensive options, for example, from 750 samples. Often the latter are encrusted with diamonds, because of which they look very respectable. If we consider the color, then men often prefer white gold. Such bracelets look more stylish and restrained. But yellow gold also does not lose positions, as it is also able to display a sign of wealth and high status.

Nowadays, bracelets are no less popular, for the manufacture of which high-quality steel is used, which is subsequently sprayed with gold. Mostly gold is used at 18 carats, so these bracelets are visually very difficult to distinguish from a real gold product. This is done so that the accessory is different practicality and durability. And these models have a lower cost than pure gold bracelets. They are not decorated with precious stones, and Swarovski crystals, which also have an interesting look, but at the same time more affordable cost.

When is it appropriate to wear a men’s watch with a gold bracelet

A men’s gold bracelet for watches is a beautiful solution, but it is not suitable for every occasion, however, as well as not for every dress.As noted above, the gold watch symbolizes wealth and status. For this reason, they will be inappropriate for jeans or tracksuit. Even under a business suit they are not always suitable. Every businessman knows that the demonstration of the status should be done carefully, otherwise it will seem vulgar.

According to stylists, a wristwatch with a gold bracelet should be worn at those meetings where you just need to indicate your status. It is important that the design of such a bracelet was discreet and neat. From the visual simplicity of the accessory increases its elegance. Here gems can help, naturally, neatly scattered along the entire length of the bracelet this accessory looks elegant and emphasizes not only the status of the owner, but also its taste.

A gold bracelet for watches can be worn on many meetings, a conference, an important contract, a presentation, and so on. Gold watches in such situations are not used to boast, but for the sake of their success and importance. If we are talking about important negotiations, here the first impression plays a big role, which must be remembered.

The only rule: you should buy a gold bracelet for watches only if you can really afford such a purchase. Their appearance and value must be in harmony with clothing. For example, if the owner does not wear expensive shoes and suits, the gold bracelet will not make it more spectacular and status, on the contrary vulgar and challenging. In this situation, it is better to give preference to the steel bracelet, which also has its advantages: reliability, elegance, availability. In addition, steel bracelets are suitable for almost any clothing and accessories.

By the way, choosing a gold watch, you should give preference to Swiss movements, which have proven to be the most reliable and high-quality on the market. Just looking at these watches you can already understand that there is a person with wealth in front of you, and if the product has external elements, for example, a gold bracelet, this will further emphasize the status and make the accessory really beautiful.

Diamond Bracelets

The bracelet: Choosing Material is the most crucial part

The bracelet is both considered a fashion accessory and a jewel in itself. Indeed, the bracelet is often a reflection of your personality and your tastes. It is for this reason that the choice of the material should not be taken lightly. In general, white gold always seems to be the best solution. However, the material of the bracelet can also be declined in many ways (platinum, yellow gold, red gold etc).

The diamond bracelets have become trendy lately, both for women and men. It must be said that the white gold bracelet is both elegant and authentic to be worn by anyone who wants it. The models proposed have also become numerous to meet the expectations of each of us. But how to choose it so that it is perfectly as you wish? Here are some ideas that will help you find your bracelet in White Gold and Diamond.

Choose a bracelet in White Gold and Diamond in relation to your style

As we already mentioned earlier, the bracelet should be in your image. It is therefore important to take into account the way you dress everyday so that the model is as versatile as possible. In the case where we are discreet and we like to adopt a classic look for example, the best is to opt for a bracelet in fine white gold with small diamonds.

The latter can even be worn with other bracelets of the same type if you like to be original. In case your look is authentic, the white gold and diamond bracelets of the creators are now very personalized. You can find all shapes with drawings or large stones that will be easily noticed.

The slighter your wrist is, the better it will be to opt for a wide bracelet. In case your purchase is for the purpose of making a gift, it is better to opt for a mesh bracelet. Indeed, the latter can be adjusted by a jeweler if necessary.

Think about the maintenance of your White Gold and Diamond bracelet

The bracelet in White Gold and Diamond must also be chosen according to your habits and maintenance that you can achieve. You should know that this kind of bracelet is perfectly suitable for sports people. However, it is important to know the specifics of the jewel before buying because the materials may differ and this can quickly damage your bracelet if you do not pay attention.

On the other hand, if it is a bracelet that you will wear during important occasions only, the choice will then be easier. In general, the white gold and diamond bracelets from large jewelers are the best. With a certificate of authenticity, jewelers assure you as to the quality of the materials used but also the making.

At the sight of the radiant beauty of a diamond bracelet, striking in its brilliance and grace, not a single woman can resist. And even more so none of them will be able to refuse the opportunity to become the owner of this miracle.

How to make the right choice among the variety reigning in jewelry stores?

A high-quality, well-chosen diamond bracelet will not cause discomfort when worn – it does not squeeze and does not rub the skin. There are several types of bracelets, and initially it is necessary to determine which type is most preferable, after which you should choose a specific model. The first type of jewelry is bracelets in the form of a thin, graceful and durable rim, which is loosely attached to the wrist. Many lovers of these models prefer to wear several of these rims at once, with the result that diamonds shimmering in the sun form a faint glow of the wrist of the happy owner of this jewelry.

Another type of wristband is a wide hoop. This decoration can be with a tear, facilitating putting on the hand, or continuous. Such products cannot be called cheap, they attract views, showing the financial position of the girl, as if raising her above the others. The disadvantage of such a bracelet is its massiveness, so it will look better on the hand of a plump young lady than of a thin one.

A rather popular type of jewelry is a chain bracelet. Among this type of bracelets, diversity also reigns – you can choose products with links of various diameters, bracelets that tightly cover the wrist or, on the contrary, freely hold on your arm.

When choosing this type of jewelry, special attention should be paid to the clasp. It should be easy to use and reliable enough. Usually, the ends of the bracelet are subjected to additional decorative processing, and are often decorated with precious stones having a cabochon cut. The disadvantage of this type of jewelry is stretching. No matter how high-quality the product is, after a certain time it will stretch and then tear due to the subtlety of the bracelet.

But in any case, it is better to try on bracelets of each type, in order to assess how comfortable it is to wear, whether it is pressing on the wrist. And only after that, choose the appropriate jewelry, not forgetting to pay attention to the diamond itself. If tried on bracelet looks great on the hand, the brilliance of diamonds gives a special charm to the skin , then the decoration is “yours”. If you feel any discomfort – you should not buy this particular model, while wearing such a gift, too, will not bring joy.

When choosing jewelry, first of all, you need to pay attention to the cut of a diamond. The most popular round cut, it is she who meets in 90% of the stones. There are other fantasy forms that will look original and interesting, but the standard cut gives the diamond more brilliance and sparkle, as it is fully thought out in terms of optical properties. Therefore, a round cut diamond is more expensive.

Pay attention to the color of the diamond. It is believed that these stones are transparent, but this is not entirely true. If a diamond with impurities, it may have a yellowish tint. This stone will be somewhat cheaper. If you choose a pink, blue or bright yellow stone, then you should know such diamonds are very rare and, accordingly, expensive.