8 Best Things About Country Living

Living the country life means living the good life. It’s as simple as that. You can say what you will about the benefits of living in the city, but good luck trying to convince anyone who has ever lived in the country. There are just some things about country living that aren’t worth giving up for the conveniences of city life.

8 Best Best Things About Country Living:

1. Peace and Quiet

If you go from city living to country living, the first thing you’ll notice is how quiet it is in the country. You can’t hear the cars on the interstate, or the garbage truck that comes at 6 a.m. You don’t have to worry about neighbors playing their music too loud or cars honking right outside your window. The peace and quiet of country living isn’t just about what you can’t hear, it’s also about what you can hear – the rain hitting your roof at night, the birds singing in the morning, and the cows mooing out in the pasture. These are the kinds of sounds that play a natural soundtrack to a peaceful, country life. It also means you can crank your music as loud as you want and honk at your livestock if they get in your car’s way.

2. You Can See Stars

There’s nothing better than taking a blanket out and laying it down in the grass on a summer night, so you can lie down and look up at the stars. When you live in the city, you’re lucky if you can look up and see a handful of stars, but in the country, the number of stars you can see is limitless. It will take your breath away.

3. Friendly Neighbors

Just because you live in the country, doesn’t mean you don’t know your neighbors. In fact, communities in the country tend to be close-knit. People still rely on each other, even more so than people in the city, and that’s partly because stores are many times miles and miles away. Neighbors still get those calls for a little bit of flour or a couple of eggs, and they don’t mind one bit because they know their neighbors will do the same for them.

4. Good for Raising Good Kids

Parents in the country raise their kids the same way they were raised. They send them out the door and tell them to be back by supper, and they fully expect their kids to come back dirty from playing in the woods or in the creek.

When their kids are old enough, parents start teaching them how to help around the land – fixing fence posts, feeding livestock, and tending crops or the garden. It’s the kinds of hands-on learning that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

5. Fresh Air and No Traffic

When you live in the country, you don’t have to worry about smog or pollution. There’s hardly any traffic at all, unless you count those times you get stuck behind a slow moving tractor on the road or that time all of your cows got out.

6. Slower Pace

Living in the country, means choosing a slower pace of life. This doesn’t mean that country folks don’t have a lot to do. It just means they don’t let the hustle and bustle of the rat race bog them down. Country folks relax a little more and aren’t afraid to slow down.

7. Room For Livestock and Gardens

In the country, you can truly live off the land. You can grow crops or a simple garden, as well as, raise chickens and other types of livestock that aren’t welcome in the city. The best kinds of meals are those that go straight from your farm and onto your table.

8. Know How to Survive

It’s just like Hank Williams Jr. song says, “A country boy can survive.” Country boys (and girls) know how to fish and hunt, and how to live off the land. They know how to make things from scratch and grow their own tomatoes. When you live in the country, that’s just part of country living. And most people wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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