I can’t say enough good things about my experience working one on one with her! Her approach of making small changes week by week has made such a difference in my life.  It’s truly the first time I’ve set out to make changes and have actually stuck with them! This journey isn’t just about eating better – its about living better! I have learned things about myself in a way that I did not intend, but its been such a gift!



I came because I thought all I needed was a little guidance on what to eat when and in what combination. The reality is, her place in my life goes so far beyond what I eat. Food may be what brought us together but it’s her strive for balance in all areas of life – exercise, self-care, relationships – that has made the biggest impact. And more than that, she has helped me understand that it’s all interconnected. Ultimately, she’s my biggest coach and champion-supporting me to achieve whatever I need that week, day or even hour! – and working with me to identify and overcome whatever roadblocks might be in the way. Her enthusiasm and caring nature are contagious and ultimately, she makes me want to do better! 

-Anne C. 


I am a self-proclaimed “sugar monster.”  Or at least I was until I met her.  She and I began working together at the beginning of the year and I have been amazed at the changes I’ve experienced firsthand, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, as well.  Yes, I lost those 5 pounds that everyone wants to get rid of.  But, I also lost a dependency on sugar and coffee, while gaining clarity and energy in the process.  And she is such a lovely human, I also gained a friend in the process.  Cheesy, but true.  Oh!  And I’m way less addicted to cheese.  Thanks!  You’re the best!! xx



It was a real pleasure to work with her! She was professional and accommodating to my requirements. I was able to communicate my brand vision and get the results I wanted (which can be very tricky). She is dedicated and ensured that my vision for my brand video and photographs came to reality in a quick and effective way. I highly recommend her! Thank you!!



GENIUS. That’s how I’d describe her. We had a consultation call and she sent over a mood board that described me and my vision perfectly. Not being from a London, she helped pick the most beautiful locations for my shoot. Everything went so well and I’m beyond thrilled will all of my images. Know that you are in the best of hands should you go with her. Seriously, it’s the best decision I made!


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