The Right Mindset You Need When Making Your Own Nesting Doll

Do you want to make some money in your free time? Make your hands a souvenir for a loved one? Or just do not know how to take a family long rainy weekend? Wooden chiseled pupae serving as blanks for painting Russian nesting dolls will allow you to try yourself as a designer, develop an artistic taste in your children or organize memorable leisure for a group of friends.

The Internet shop of souvenirs and gifts “Golden Grail” gives its customers the opportunity not only to purchase a real Russian doll souvenir, but also to make it their own hands on the basis of a wooden blank for a doll. Painting the dolls is not only an original way to spend a free evening and acquire skills in drawing, but also a great opportunity to avoid banality and to distinguish your gift from the mass of holiday gifts presented to the hero of the occasion. You may know when was the first nesting doll made, but the followings are the ones that you perhaps did not know. If you want to get the ready made dolls you can get yours at

An ideal piece for a nested doll, what is it?

 The choice of the perfect workpiece is a very important task, because she will subsequently become a real Russian beauty. In order to obtain a high-quality souvenir as a result of painting, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules when choosing a blank:

The surface of the ideal workpiece should be smooth. Roughness will have to be finished with sandpaper, but the smaller they will be, the higher the quality of the final product. The crown of the head and the bottom are the places where the roughness occurs most frequently, so they need to be examined more carefully.

The face of the nested doll is created on an absolutely clean wooden surface, without a base, therefore it is necessary to ensure that on the spot where the face will be, there were not so much knots, but in general any, even the smallest, defects.

The nested doll is a detachable doll and the ideal blank should have a completely even and completely imperceptible joint of the upper and lower parts. The top and bottom of the future nesting dolls should fit tightly to each other do not hang out and do not jump off.

Stages of production of nesting dolls blanks

The technology of making wooden nesting dolls requires not only proper selection of wood, but also careful drying, because the poorly dried billet will subsequently crack and lose appearance. As a rule, blanks are made from lime wood, which has the least number of voids. Lipa is chopped at a certain time of the year, hand-brushed and dried under natural conditions for at least two years. Well-dried wood is determined by weight: a good billet for nesting dolls is about 2 times lighter than a fresh bar of the same size.

After the future billet is laid, the process of turning the figure begins. Handicraft production, preserved in some regions of Russia, is carried out with the help of a knife and chisel, less often on a homemade lathe. Each cutter carefully monitors its tool, trusting no one to sharpen anyone, because to get a high-quality wooden figure you need to perform 10 to 15 operations and the tool must be perfectly flat and sharp.

First of all, the head and torso of the smallest, one-piece, nesting dolls are carved out of linden. Then the bottom and bottom of the pupa is the next largest. Each part of the future kit after drying is dried, then primed with potato paste, brewed by hand, and dried again. In order for the final set of nesting dolls to close well, the pupae must be dried in closed form.

Then the product is polished several times using emery cloth of various hardness, polished with a special cloth and sent to stand in a dark place for up to one month.

Price blanks for nesting dolls

Preparation under the nested doll, the price of which in our store is minimal, since it does not include a surcharge, may consist of a different number of nested pupae. The more is the investments, the higher the cost of the blank is. The wood species used in the production of billets also affects the price of the product: linden, wooden souvenirs from which the best quality is obtained is more expensive than birch or aspen.

On the virtual showcase of the online store are carefully selected fake blanks, each of which has excellent quality and low price. Their production allows them to answer for quality and offer our customers minimum retail prices, where the blank for nesting dolls goes through all stages of the cycle, as well as quality control. They offer you a wonderful souvenir that you can make with your own hands by investing a piece of your own soul in the resulting product. Happy shopping!

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