Diamond Bracelets

The bracelet: Choosing Material is the most crucial part

The bracelet is both considered a fashion accessory and a jewel in itself. Indeed, the bracelet is often a reflection of your personality and your tastes. It is for this reason that the choice of the material should not be taken lightly. In general, white gold always seems to be the best solution. However, the material of the bracelet can also be declined in many ways (platinum, yellow gold, red gold etc).

The diamond bracelets have become trendy lately, both for women and men. It must be said that the white gold bracelet is both elegant and authentic to be worn by anyone who wants it. The models proposed have also become numerous to meet the expectations of each of us. But how to choose it so that it is perfectly as you wish? Here are some ideas that will help you find your bracelet in White Gold and Diamond.

Choose a bracelet in White Gold and Diamond in relation to your style

As we already mentioned earlier, the bracelet should be in your image. It is therefore important to take into account the way you dress everyday so that the model is as versatile as possible. In the case where we are discreet and we like to adopt a classic look for example, the best is to opt for a bracelet in fine white gold with small diamonds.

The latter can even be worn with other bracelets of the same type if you like to be original. In case your look is authentic, the white gold and diamond bracelets of the creators are now very personalized. You can find all shapes with drawings or large stones that will be easily noticed.

The slighter your wrist is, the better it will be to opt for a wide bracelet. In case your purchase is for the purpose of making a gift, it is better to opt for a mesh bracelet. Indeed, the latter can be adjusted by a jeweler if necessary.

Think about the maintenance of your White Gold and Diamond bracelet

The bracelet in White Gold and Diamond must also be chosen according to your habits and maintenance that you can achieve. You should know that this kind of bracelet is perfectly suitable for sports people. However, it is important to know the specifics of the jewel before buying because the materials may differ and this can quickly damage your bracelet if you do not pay attention.

On the other hand, if it is a bracelet that you will wear during important occasions only, the choice will then be easier. In general, the white gold and diamond bracelets from large jewelers are the best. With a certificate of authenticity, jewelers assure you as to the quality of the materials used but also the making.

At the sight of the radiant beauty of a diamond bracelet, striking in its brilliance and grace, not a single woman can resist. And even more so none of them will be able to refuse the opportunity to become the owner of this miracle.

How to make the right choice among the variety reigning in jewelry stores?

A high-quality, well-chosen diamond bracelet will not cause discomfort when worn – it does not squeeze and does not rub the skin. There are several types of bracelets, and initially it is necessary to determine which type is most preferable, after which you should choose a specific model. The first type of jewelry is bracelets in the form of a thin, graceful and durable rim, which is loosely attached to the wrist. Many lovers of these models prefer to wear several of these rims at once, with the result that diamonds shimmering in the sun form a faint glow of the wrist of the happy owner of this jewelry.

Another type of wristband is a wide hoop. This decoration can be with a tear, facilitating putting on the hand, or continuous. Such products cannot be called cheap, they attract views, showing the financial position of the girl, as if raising her above the others. The disadvantage of such a bracelet is its massiveness, so it will look better on the hand of a plump young lady than of a thin one.

A rather popular type of jewelry is a chain bracelet. Among this type of bracelets, diversity also reigns – you can choose products with links of various diameters, bracelets that tightly cover the wrist or, on the contrary, freely hold on your arm.

When choosing this type of jewelry, special attention should be paid to the clasp. It should be easy to use and reliable enough. Usually, the ends of the bracelet are subjected to additional decorative processing, and are often decorated with precious stones having a cabochon cut. The disadvantage of this type of jewelry is stretching. No matter how high-quality the product is, after a certain time it will stretch and then tear due to the subtlety of the bracelet.

But in any case, it is better to try on bracelets of each type, in order to assess how comfortable it is to wear, whether it is pressing on the wrist. And only after that, choose the appropriate jewelry, not forgetting to pay attention to the diamond itself. If tried on bracelet looks great on the hand, the brilliance of diamonds gives a special charm to the skin , then the decoration is “yours”. If you feel any discomfort – you should not buy this particular model, while wearing such a gift, too, will not bring joy.

When choosing jewelry, first of all, you need to pay attention to the cut of a diamond. The most popular round cut, it is she who meets in 90% of the stones. There are other fantasy forms that will look original and interesting, but the standard cut gives the diamond more brilliance and sparkle, as it is fully thought out in terms of optical properties. Therefore, a round cut diamond is more expensive.

Pay attention to the color of the diamond. It is believed that these stones are transparent, but this is not entirely true. If a diamond with impurities, it may have a yellowish tint. This stone will be somewhat cheaper. If you choose a pink, blue or bright yellow stone, then you should know such diamonds are very rare and, accordingly, expensive.



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