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Shelley Ann Jackson loves books, animals, children, art, yoga and baked goods, but not always at the same time. She holds MFAs in Illustration (from the School of Visual Arts) and Writing for Children and Young Adults (from the Vermont College of Fine Arts). In addition to writing and illustrating books, Shelley teaches illustration and design at Texas State University and writing at St. Edward’s University. She also works with young kids during the summers at the Art School at Laguna Gloria. She a long-time member and volunteer for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, including a stint as regional advisor for the Austin chapter. Shelley is a founder and member of two awesome illustration groups in Austin, the Girllustrators and the Illustrati. She has lived in Austin, Texas since 2010 and has a yard-full of critters including 3 dogs, a cat, 5 chickens, numerous fish, frogs and snails, and one human child.

Shelley loves talking with kids about books! She'd be happy to discuss coming to your school to share her passion for writing, illustrating, and reading with your students!

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TEN TEXAS BABIES (Pelican Books, 2014)
Counting Picture Book

This fond send-up of all things Texas is a delightful romp through the Lone Star State from acclaimed Texas author David Davis. The warm, lively illustrations from husband-and-wife team Shelley Ann Jackson and Jeff Crosby draw on the artists’ love of their state.
Ten Texas babies make mischief and fun in this adorable counting book. Children and adults will laugh as these tiny tots run rampant through the Lone Star countryside, getting into the most unlikely jams. The young’uns count down from ten, picking bushels of pecans, scrubbing a piglet, and playing the fiddle. Count back up as the babies swipe Grandmaw’s bonnet, cook trail-drive stew, and try to catch an armadillo. After running, swimming, and cooking all day, it’s bedtime for the tired tykes.
Mosey on over, draw up a seat, and count to ten, Texas style!


Nonfiction Picture Book

Thousands of years ago people living on the steppes of central Asia realized that horses could transport them long distances, help them fight their wars, pull their plows, and provide them with sport and companionship. Ever since, horses and human history have been intertwined. Today there are fifty-eight million horses in the world. The author-illustrator team of Jeff Crosby and Shelley Ann Jackson celebrates all kinds of horses in this beautifully illustrated, fact-filled book. From fast horses like the Barb, which traveled to Spain from Africa in the early eighth century to become a foundation for many Spanish and European breeds, to war horses like the Mongolian that gave their owners military advantage (today there are more horses in Mongolia than there are people), to the hard-working horses ranging from the tiny American Miniature to the giant Clydesdale, Harness Horses, Bucking Broncos & Pit Ponies is a treasure-trove of information. This is the perfect book for those who own (or dream of owning) a horse, who ride, or who simply like to read about these magnificent animals and the special relationship they share with humans.


UPON SECRECY (Calkins Creek, 2010)
Historical Fiction Picture Book

July 1780. Four grueling years into the war, George Washington’s scrappy rebels had become an army to be reckoned with. Now came a real break: France was joining their fight. A French fleet was sailing into Newport, Rhode Island. It carried sorely needed soldiers, weapons, and supplies. But George Washington worried. Did the British know? Would they attack the French? Without this foreign aid, the American cause could well be lost. Washington needed answers, fast. He turned to his most trusted source: the Culper Spy Ring. For two years the Culper had provided Washington with accurate information. The problem was how long they took! Could they deliver quickly this time? Washington prayed they would. Join the Culpers as they attempt their most important – and dangerous – mission. Follow them through British-occupied territory, risking everything in the name of liberty. Can they ferret out the information? Will it be in time? Can they remain undetected and unsuspected? Upon secrecy, their success depends.

Upon Secrecy is a Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Book of the Year, 2010.


Nonfiction Picture Book

Since prehistoric times, humans and dogs have shared a unique bond and both have served each other well. Early people discarded food and as a result, wild wolves cast fear and caution aside, following and approaching their two-legged neighbors until they became less wary of each other. As humans hunted, fished, herded, and hauled, they found ways to benefit from the presence and talents of these animals. Over time, both learned to work together, rely on, and like each other. This book is a fascinating look at the distinct groups that have developed — hunting, herding, working, and companion — as humans selectively bred dogs to bring out desired attributes. Stunning illustrations, maps, and fascinating information combine to explain the origins and characteristics of typical breeds within each grouping. Little Lions, Bull Baiters & Hunting Hounds is an indispensable book for any dog lover and a wonderful guide for those about to choose their own canine companion. Little Lions is a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators 2007 research grant recipient, ForeWord Magazine’s 2008 Juvenile Nonfiction Gold Medal winner, and a Cybil’s Award nominee.