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Jo Whittemore is the author of the middle grade humor novels Front Page Face-Off, Odd Girl In, D is for Drama, Colonial Madness, and the upcoming Confidentially Yours series. She also penned The Silverskin Legacy fantasy trilogy. Jo is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). When she isn't writing, Jo spends her time with family and friends in Austin, dreaming of the day she can afford a chocolate house where she will live with the Tenth Doctor.

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Tori Porter is best friends with her mom, and most of the time it’s awesome (not many moms would fill the tub with ice cream for the world’s biggest sundae). But as much as Tori loves having fun, she sometimes wishes her mom would act a little more her age. If she did, they wouldn’t be in so much debt. Luckily, a chance for redemption arises in a bizarre contest put on by a dead relative: Whoever can survive two weeks in the family’s colonial manor will inherit the property. The catch? Contestants have to live as in colonial times.


D IS FOR DRAMA (Aladdin Mix)

A lead role means lots of drama in this sparkling story of one tween’s efforts to shine in the spotlight. Sunny Kim is done with one-line roles at Carnegie Arts Academy—she’s ready for the lead. But even after a summer of studying with an acting coach, Sunny doesn’t snag the role of Mary Poppins in her school’s upcoming production.

Unfortunately, her entire family mistakenly thinks otherwise, including her former-actress mother.

Desperate for a solution, Sunny convinces her theater adviser to let her produce a one-woman show. But when the rest of her friends find out—the friends that never seem to make the playbill either—they all want to join in. Before long, Sunny is knee-deep in curtains, catfights, and chorus lines as her one-woman work turns into a staging of the hit musical Wicked. And when a terrible misunderstanding pits the entire cast against Sunny, can the show—and Sunny’s future acting career—be saved in time for opening night?


ODD GIRL IN (Aladdin Mix)

Twelve-year-old tomboy Alexis “Alex” Evins is a first-class prankster, following in the not-so-glorious footsteps of her older twin brothers, Parker and Nick. But when the trio plays a disastrous prank (hair + fire = bad), their dad sends them to a character-building after-school program. Alex, Parker, and Nick all must pass the course together—or else it’s off to private school (shudder). After weeks of intense classes and unpleasant encounters, the Evins sibilings are faced with the ultimate test of teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. But when an earlier misstep threatens all their hard work, Alex must scramble to make things right. Can the “evil Evins” actually pass the course in one piece? Or are they destined for an epic fail?



Twelve-year-old Delilah James is one of the top reporters at Brighton Junior Academy and dreams of becoming a Junior Global Journalist. But when an international rival named Ava invades her newsroom and takes over her crush, Delilah finds an unlikely ally in the Debutantes - a.k.a. the Little Debbies.



Megan and Ainsley have lived next door to each other their whole lives, but their relationship is anything but neighborly. Ainsley is the cutest, most popular guy in school, and even has a group of girls who call themselves his fan club. Outspoken and fiery, Megan is an individual who thinks Ainsley is full of himself-and she doesn't mind letting him know what she thinks. The two stumble upon a neighbor who is performing some sort of strange magic, and find themselves transported into a magical new world. Stuck together in an unfamiliar land with no escape, Megan and Ainsley encounter floating cities inhabited by magical creatures of all kinds-and find themselves pursuing a thief who has stolen a staff with magical powers. Can Megan and Ainsley work together to find the staff of power and save the kingdom, or will they find that there is no escape from Arylon?



Megan and Ainsley are ready to say goodbye to the magic-infused land of Arylon and journey back to Earth, but their trip is postponed when Ainsley comes down with a serious illness linked to cursed dragon's blood. Hoping for a cure, his friends take him to Raklund where he receives special care from Lady Maudred, who has experience with the magical disease. But her potion fails to cure him and Ainsley is running out of precious time. As he slowly descends into madness, his body is undergoing a hideous metamorphosis. The only hope for a cure lies with Arastold-an ancient and powerful dragon who's imprisoned in a mountain cave. Can Megan convince Arastold, who originated the foul infection, to lift the treacherous curse that is transforming Ainsley into a deadly dragon?



Before Megan and Ainsley return to Earth, they are pulled into another fantastic adventure in the magical land of Arylon. During a political summit, Evren Sandor-a mage with a questionable reputation-holds up a golden cone and announces that he is their new leader. Incredibly, the spell works!

The source of Evren's power is a magical horn that once belonged to a unicorn named Onaj. Megan and Ainsley believe another unicorn's magic will be enough to counteract Evren's spell. With help from a ferret named Brighton and Sir Inish the dwarf, they seek out the White Order of unicorns. Their leader, Anala, agrees to help them destroy Onaj's horn. But when they confront the evil mage, Anala and Ainsley succumb to the horn's power.

Will Megan figure out what it takes to break the spell--something she's had inside her all along--before it's too late?