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"These suggestions and direction are the best I have ever received!!!! This will not be the first revisions these two stories have gone through, not by a long shot. The problem I was having with editors and agents was I could never get a good feel for what they were wanting me to revise. Not to be to dramatic, ok, maybe a little dramatic, but I feel like you just gave me my wings! That is the best money I have ever spent." -- Lisa Dominguez

"I have a new agent! I can't believe it, and your editing of my saggy-sadsack letter was instrumental in making this happen, and I'm very grateful. Thanks so much. I just found out today. Thank you, thank you!" -- name withheld for privacy

"...with your comments I'm going to be able to shape it [my manuscript] up and send it out with confidence!" -- Meredith Davis

"I can honestly say that I got all three of the Texas Sweethearts to critique the first part of my novel and it has helped me immensely" -- Jim McCleery

"I was so impressed with the thorough and thoughtful review performed on my manuscript. The outline provided, along with the detailed comments, are spot on and extremely helpful. Finally, I understand what I need to do (and not do). I would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone in need of guidance with their literary work." -- Debbie Smithey

"I'd like to thank The Texas Sweethearts for the critiques that I recently received. The time that was invested in my manuscript was evident by the depth of insight that they provided me. They were fun to work with, and I truly appreciate the quality of their suggestions." -- Mike Dyson, author of What Do Dogs Dream About?



The TEXAS SWEETHEARTS strive to be honest in critiques above all else. We believe within each manuscript there is a treasure chest, and we are committed to doing what we can to help find the key to unlock the treasure inside.





Jessica Lee Anderson is the author of Trudy (winner of the 2005 Milkweed Prize for Children’s Literature), Border Crossing (Quick Picks Nomination, Cynsational Book of 2009), as well as the forthcoming young adult novel, Calli (2011). She’s published two nonfiction readers, as well as fiction and nonfiction for a variety of magazines including Highlights for Children. She graduated from Hollins University with a Master of Arts in Children's Literature, and has extensive critique experience as an instructor at the Institute of Children's Literature.

Jeanette Larson is the author of Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas and she compiled and edited entries for Quilt of States: Piecing Together America by Adrienne Yorinks. She is also the author of a number of books for librarians and is a frequent contributor to BookLinks and other publications about children's literature. Jeanette has served on many book award committees, including the Newbery Award and the Texas Bluebonnet Award. She has extensive experience reviewing and critiquing finished and unfinished books and working with published and pre-published authors.

Nikki Loftin is the author of three novels for young readers: Wish Girl, which the New York Times called “a quietly poetic story about psychological truths”; Nightingale’s Nest, named as “the next great book” by the Children’s Literacy Foundation in 2014, and awarded the best children’s book of 2014 by the Texas Institute of Letters; and The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy, winner of the Writer’s League of Texas Book Award 2013. Nikki’s short children’s fiction has appeared in Boy’s Life and Pockets magazines, among others. She also writes literary fiction, poetry, and essays for adults, and has been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves, and the Guys Read: Terrifying Tales anthology. Nikki earned an MA from UT Austin in English/Fiction Writing, and teaches writing workshops in the U.S. and abroad.