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Christina spent her childhood behind the counter of her parents’ Thai restaurant in Weatherford, Texas, her nose stuck in a book.Though she always loved to read and tell stories, for most of her life she never dreamed of being a children’s book author. Her love of science led her to pursue an engineering degree, then to work in science museums. With a little encouragement from her local SCBWI chapter, she discovered she had many stories to tell. She is the author of the middle grade fantasy series, THE CHANGELINGS (Jabberwocky, 2016), as well as the forthcoming picture book, THE RAMBLE SHAMBLE CHILDREN (Nancy Paulsen Books, 2018). Her work has been awarded the Katherine Paterson Prize for middle grade fiction from Hunger Mountain, the VCFA journal of the arts. Christina lives and writes in Austin, Texas with her husband and two daughters.

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THE CHANGELINGS (Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky, 2016)
Middle Grade Fantasy

When Izzy’s little sister, Hen, disappears into the woods, Izzy is desperate for clues. So when she sees her strange neighbor Marian, the one the town calls “witch,” slip into the forest, Izzy is determined to follow her…even if it means crawling through a hole in the ground. On the other side, Izzy discovers that Marian is not who she thought, this place is not Earth, and Hen is not lost. She’s been stolen away to the land of Faerie, and it’s up to Izzy to bring her home. A ragtag group of outlaw Changelings offer to help, and Izzy must decide whether a boulder that comes to life, a girl that’s not quite solid, and a boy who is also a wolf, can help her save Hen before it’s too late.